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To everyone who visits the open call for participants site. The open call for participants announced on this site has already ended, and the Vtuber “Akatsuki Banmai” has been released to the world. With your support, she will be able to increase her fans not only in Vietnam but all over the world. We would be grateful if you could continue to watch over her and another growth following her.

About Nijigen project

Japanese game and anime culture is very popular in Vietnam right now ♪ So Nijigen project is created to further combine:
Japanese style idol culture
With full cooperation of Vietnam’s pioneer Japanese style idol group “NIJI UNIVERSE INC”, and the Japanese live idol company “Alice in Project”.
Japan’s infamous otaku culture
“MOESYOKU” and “NEO NAGASIMA”, the 2 companies that handle many Japanese-style Moe character designs, will cooperate and support the project!
Through the NijiGen project, we will bring Japanese culture of MOE to the mass of Vietnam!

Project partners


Project process

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Member audition
Completed! NijiGen has finished auditioning to find two Vtubers 3D members who will debut in step 1 of the project!

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2.NijiGen – Illustration competition
In progress! NijiGen is looking for illustrators to design the most MOE characters for the project. ♪
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3.Launch & debut
Voice training, voice acting and original songs are being prepared for the launching event to best show off the cuteness and charm of the cast.